Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs Musical Chairs explores one family s history of mental health diagnoses and searches to define the cusp between a s working class childhood and the trouble of adapting to a comfortable life in the s

  • Title: Musical Chairs
  • Author: Jen Knox
  • ISBN: 9780984259427
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Musical Chairs explores one family s history of mental health diagnoses and searches to define the cusp between a 90s working class childhood and the trouble of adapting to a comfortable life in the suburbs In order to understand her restlessness, Jennifer reflects on years of strip dancing, alcoholism, and estrangement Inspired by the least likely source, the family shMusical Chairs explores one family s history of mental health diagnoses and searches to define the cusp between a 90s working class childhood and the trouble of adapting to a comfortable life in the suburbs In order to understand her restlessness, Jennifer reflects on years of strip dancing, alcoholism, and estrangement Inspired by the least likely source, the family she left behind, Jennifer struggles towards reconciliation This story is about identity, class, family ties, and the elusive nature of mental illness.

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    1. Profoundly Honest and Deeply Moving Journey into AdulthoodJen Knox is an exceptionally gifted storyteller, and her memoir Musical Chairs is a captivating, emotionally charged page turner.Soon after her parents divorce, young Jen is riddled with teenage angst, and in desperate need to find her place in the world Aged fifteen she leaves home and enters an adult world where some are only too eager to take advantage of her vulnerability Jen grows up quick.There is a tragic irony to Jen s story she b [...]

    2. Jen kindly sent me a copy of this book to review, and I zipped through it in a couple of days The story begins in an AA meeting, and it reads rather like a series of episodes told in front of an AA audience I also have an addictive compulsive personality, so I m sympathetic the AA sequences in Infinite Jest were the part I liked best When you ve fucked up big time, sharing the experience with other people seems to be a positive thing to do Maybe I should try this, but it s not as easy as it look [...]

    3. This is a gripping, well paced and clearly written coming of age story, in which a young woman finds her voice, her balance, her connectedness with her grandmother but to get to the point of self confidence and voice, she must go through her own personal hell The narrator was a teenage runaway who worked as a stripper for a short time Her intelligent self awareness during that phase of her life is inspiring, and yes, very sensual,This book reminds me of Catcher in the Rye, though the book in han [...]

    4. I m not a people person That s my first line at job interviews.It would be accurate to say that I ve never been interested in autobiographies Or biographies, for that matter I suppose I exalt imagination over reality and never desired to learn something from the actual lives of others Don t try this at home I d rather take my chances And I never succumbed to hero worship, either, wanting to know what they were like if such a thing has any meaning So how did I end up reading a memoir A few month [...]

    5. Jen Knox s book, Musical Chairs, is a story of choices and consequences The author lays out her life, like open heart surgery Her chest is open, revealed bloody red and pulsating It is at once unsightly and fascinating But there is something else in Jen s opening up to us, her honesty and refusal to make excuses She lays there, splayed open for us to see, declaring, Here I am Running was in her blood, a destined event, it would seem Following in the footsteps of her great grandmother, Glory, who [...]

    6. Everyone has their own walk through life to take, how they choose to take that walk and how one deals with the consequences of their choices I believe shows a persons true strength of character After everything Jen had endured during her life, Jen definitely is a woman of high character and strength Musical Chairs is a great book for everyone to read Young woman who pick up this book will think twice about the choices they will be making soon in their own lives.It is a deep book revealing things [...]

    7. In Musical Chairs, Jen Knox has created a captivating memoir that explores her life as a young teen runaway, to the issues of mental illness found within her family Jen bravely tells her story about life on her own at the age of 15, leading up to a short career as a strip dancer, all the while battling an all consuming addiction with alcoholism Jen s writing is very vivid and fluid, and I felt as if I were right there, immersed in her world As she struggles to get back on her feet after a few fa [...]

    8. A well crafted, insightful, and candid narrativeI know I ve discovered a good book when I start passing up TV or cafe time to get back to the story MUSICAL CHAIRS, by Jen Knox, is just such a work I generally prefer memoir I believe sharing our stories is an important part of the American fabric When I read the prologue of MUSICAL CHAIRS, I was quickly captured by the author s physical description of a panic attack I ve never experienced one but, in just a few short pages, I could feel the suffo [...]

    9. An amazing, candid memoir of a young girl at age 15 runs away from home, turning to alcohol and stripping Living where ever she can and when she gets to the bottom of her well, ends up getting raped This is when she is faced with her alcohol abuse After being severly ill and detoxifying her body, she decides to get her life turned around The book is told in 3 parts, The Runaway, The Dancer and The Education The latter telling about her Grandmother and how she learns of her mental illness and her [...]

    10. Jen Knox pulls no punches with her gritty, honest memoir, Musical Chairs From the first page, she tells her story of self medication, mental illness and family problems in evocative prose reflective of her experiences.Knox is unafraid and unashamed of discussing the mistakes she makes after running away from home at the age of 15 From working miserable minimum wage jobs to stripping, her experiences run the gamut Eventually she is able to attend college and earn a degree in English, which cement [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed Jen s memoir, and anyone who appreciates the art of simple expressions singing to you will fall head over heels in love with the writing too Not one word is wasted, and I do mean not a one It s the key ingredients that preludes a page turner, which Musical Chairs most certainly is For me, this account wasn t about a fifteen year old girl who ran away from home, danced, ran from home to home some , and found her niche Just taking one itty bitty frame of many such frames, I wa [...]

    12. I ve just started reading this insightful exploration of the difficulties in keeping sane in this stressful world So far it is an outstanding read.

    13. Musical Chairs read like I was sitting across from Jen the author and sharing a cup of coffee with her It was very engrossing, engaging, and really really good We watch Jen make mistakes as a child, but you can hear her older self talking, reflecting and sharing her learnings The voice of Jen is very easy to listen to She writes very eloquently I wish there was a flesh to her story, but somehow I have a feeling that if there was , we d get lost in the muck of it Maybe breezing over these topics [...]

    14. Jen Knox has accomplished what so many memoirists do not she told her story in a clear, unsentimental voice with lovely prose that read like a well crafted novel The grit and honesty of her troubled youth shares the stage with humor and hope From her brief stint as a stripper, to her alcohol abuse, to her fears of mental illness, the author is open and entirely unafraid to expose the soft underbelly of herself and her family One of the most remarkable things about this memoir is that the author [...]

    15. This book is an exploration of a young woman s life as she moves from self centered, childish rebellion to a life that finds meaning in her relationships with other people The writing is honest, sometimes brutally honest and because of that it hangs with the reader I couldn t put it down.

    16. Finally, a memoir that isn t wholly depressing or full of purple prose glorifying cozy memories I tend to shy away from memoirs because of reminiscent qualities or what I ve learned advice and reflections This is a poignant account of one girl s journey from childhood to adulthood The story is well crafted through a fluid telling that is both engaging and honest The author offers no excuses, but rather details her life events as they unfolded Nothing is glorified or horrified, but exposed for th [...]

    17. THanks to the person that suggested I read this memoir I was simultaneously entertained and impressed with the way the author depicted schenes from what I swore she must have evesdropped from my very own diary only cleverly expained If you have history of generalized anxiety and job changes, this is a must read I was facinated and captivated In so many ways this book gets me out of writing my own story The book for us girls that made it back from the very brink.

    18. While I was reading Jen Knox memoir, Musical Chairs , I also happened to be reading Mackenzie Phillips s, High on Arrival This gave me a comparative perspective on the two books If you haven t already read High on Arrival , my advice would be don t bother and read Musical Chairs instead Jen Knox s book is what Mackenzie Phillips s book should have been.These books are the first ones for each author Being a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I m typically for any book that brings this horrific subj [...]

    19. I hate memoirs The reason I hate memoirs is because they are a self indulgent pieces of shit written by attention whores Poor Ms Knox didn t know that I felt this way when she offered me a copy of her book so kudos to her for writing a good enough book to checkmate my cynicism.Knox gives a frank outline of her life in a well crafted way that shows her talent at writing She is honest and keeps the book within interest for the reader and not just herself There was a lot I could relate to and so mu [...]

    20. I found Jen Knox s story fascinating, insightful and thought provoking I would recommend this book to readers of all genres, whether they usually read memoirs or not There is so much in this story that thrills and entertains, probably as much if not than a fiction story It would be great to see this life story portrayed in a film as some of the scenes literally come off the page There are many memorable scenes, and Jen Knox has written her story with passion, and compassion for her younger self [...]

    21. Musical Chairs Jen Knox Memoir This is the story of a young woman Jen, who runs away at age 15 It is not just a run a way teen story, but one that reflects on a family A family that has dealt with mental health issues for generations Also set in a rough part of Columbus Ohio, young Jen tries to escape the big city life poverty and crime.She soon turns to alcohol, numerous jobs leading to strip dancing There she tells of the hardships, horrors , fast money and fast times As she goes from home to [...]

    22. Musical Chairs is a candid, compelling and highly readable postmodern quest narrative It s a deeply searching examination of an unconventional coming of age story, rife with complicated family dynamics, impulsive decisions, alcohol abuse, terrifying consequences and, ultimately, one woman s determination to live life on her own terms Knox never makes excuses nor apologizes nor should she Instead, she embraces her difficult youth and endeavors to understand what that experience can teach her and [...]

    23. There are many things I love about Jen Knox s Musical Chairs but my favorite part of the book is when her mother takes her to a support group for people addicted to drugs and alcohol Knox is a child in this scene in her memoir and her innocence is heartbreaking She dresses up meticulously, complete with gold colored earrings, and asks whether they would get dessert after the meeting But when she sits through the meeting and sees it involves sharing sad, sad stories, she asks what I think is a ve [...]

    24. In Musical Chairs, Jen Knox manages to tell several stories at once One is the fate of a young runaway, who flees her father s house because of a personality conflict and winds up becoming a stripper, wallowing in booze, and generally bumping up against the uglier side of life in the teenage wasteland of the 1990s A second story is about her panic attacks, which paradoxically hit her after she had gotten her life together As a fellow sufferer of panic attacks, I know she described them quite wel [...]

    25. Musical Chairs by Jen Knox gives us a rare look into how much a dysfunctional family can create a meltdown in the life of a child going through puberty into young adulthood Jen shares her travel through a myriad of trials that leave the reader with a new understanding of both the teenage mind and themselves She takes us down roads that one can barely imagine, yet through it all we see the pain, heartache and loss of childhood, trust and fight in her gritty story.She inspires us all with her cour [...]

    26. A MEMOIR OF EXTRAORDINARY COURAGEJen Knox s memoir, Musical Chairs, really touched my heart From the very first page, I knew the author was giving this book her all She doesn t try to evoke sympathy from the reader, nor is she defensive about her life choices She just tells her story, raw and exposed, and with great courage For me, it is never just one s story that draws me in, but it is the integrity and probity of the person telling the story.When Knox was fifteen, she ran away from home Not u [...]

    27. Musical Chairs is a true story of Jennifer s escape from bullying at school and a broken home, and how she learns to survive while still holding onto her dream of going to college Running is a theme in her book She enters the world of strip dancing and alcoholism Her story is poignant and gripping I couldn t put it down She expresses herself very well and her descriptions are vivid I recommend this book to teenagers and adults as a true view of life on the edge I found myself drawn into her expe [...]

    28. There s a lot going on in Musical Chairs It s the story of a runaway girl, a scatter shot but endearing family, the elusive nature of trauma and mental illness, and the sweetness of unexpected romance As far as memoirs go, I highly recommend this book.

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