Pogingen iets van het leven te maken: Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen, 83¼ jaar

Pogingen iets van het leven te maken Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen jaar Hendrik Groen mag dan oud zijn hij is nog lang niet dood en niet van plan zich eronder te laten krijgen Toegegeven zijn dagelijkse wandelingen worden steeds korter omdat de benen niet meer willen en

  • Title: Pogingen iets van het leven te maken: Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen, 83¼ jaar
  • Author: Hendrik Groen
  • ISBN: 9789029089975
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hendrik Groen mag dan oud zijn, hij is nog lang niet dood en niet van plan zich eronder te laten krijgen Toegegeven zijn dagelijkse wandelingen worden steeds korter omdat de benen niet meer willen en hij moet regelmatig naar de huisarts Technisch gesproken is hij bejaard Maar waarom zou het leven dan alleen nog maar moeten bestaan uit koffiedrinken achter de geraniumsHendrik Groen mag dan oud zijn, hij is nog lang niet dood en niet van plan zich eronder te laten krijgen Toegegeven zijn dagelijkse wandelingen worden steeds korter omdat de benen niet meer willen en hij moet regelmatig naar de huisarts Technisch gesproken is hij bejaard Maar waarom zou het leven dan alleen nog maar moeten bestaan uit koffiedrinken achter de geraniums en wachten op het einde In korte, ogenschijnlijk luchtige, maar vooral openhartige dagboekfragmenten laat Hendrik Groen je een jaar lang meeleven met alle ups en downs van het leven in een verzorgingshuis in Amsterdam Noord Op de laatste dag van het jaar zal het nog moeilijk zijn om afscheid nemen van dit charmante personage

    • [PDF] Pogingen iets van het leven te maken: Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen, 83¼ jaar | by ☆ Hendrik Groen
      346 Hendrik Groen
    Pogingen iets van het leven te maken: Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen, 83¼ jaar

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    1. Hendrik Groen

      Born in Amsterdam, Hendrik Groen is the pen name of comic writer Peter de Smet.

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    1. This is a wonderful heartrending, uplifting and hilarious read It is obviously a take on Adrian Mole but featuring an elderly curmudgeon, Hendrik Groen It is set in a north Amsterdam nursing care home which is going to experience a whistleblowing day to day account of the lives of an eccentric bunch of residents and the rules they are subjected to, documented in the diary Hendrik is grumpy, cynical, politically incorrect, full of life, funny and a rebel with a cause He has two friends, Evert and [...]

    2. Jan 5 She pressed three slices of cake on me when I left Those slices have found a home in the fish tank on the third floorJan 7 An investigation was launched yesterday into the sudden demise of the fish on the third floor A considerable amount of cake was found floating in the water.Hendrik Groen doesn t like old people that much But being as he s 83 and lives in a retirement home, they re hard to escape He suffers from several ailments, but the good news is that his decline is progressing at a [...]

    3. Hendrik Groen can be grumpy, mischievous, and even sarcastic when the occasion calls for it, but his positive personality traits far outshine the negatives with his caring, thoughtful, and giving nature.Hendrik lives in a care home in Amsterdam, and his book gives a lively look at a year in his life from his own perspective Although he s finding it increasingly hard to get get about these days, he s far from dead, and just to prove it, he and his friends set up the Old But Not Dead club The clu [...]

    4. 4 As part of her plan of action to combat the dementia, Grietje has composed, with my help, two new notes she is to carry with her at all times What to do if I get lost and What to do if I don t remember exactly who someone is Both notes start with Please forgive me, but I m a bit forgetful With a little luck, next year I ll believe in Santa Claus again said Grietje gaily Yes, just keep going the way you re going, and you ll get there soon enough, Evert egged her on She liked the prospect of tru [...]

    5. Full disclosure I love the Netherlands.This is a somewhat honest account, written by an 84 year old man or not his reflections on residing in a nursing home in Amsterdam.This country has some of the most progressive inclinations of any modern day society It is also an inclusive place where people of all colors and beliefs reside peacefully, for the most part.It is a land of incongruities The tallest people in the world walk daily on the smallest sidewalks while it is usually drizzling rain Chees [...]

    6. Hendrik s diary expresses all the things we all wish we could say and do He and his cohort Evert even occasionally stir the pot by expressing those sarcastic and petulant thoughts aloud And maybe at age 83 1 4 he has earned the right to Between the silly rules and the cantankerous residents at his retirement home, Hendrik has much to keep him both amused and discomfited The three G s gossip, grousing, and gibberish keep his days interesting.I felt a range of emotions while reading Hendrik s diar [...]

    7. Hendrik Groen is spending his final years in a care home in Amsterdam he still doesn t like the elderly complaining, whinging lot and he s 83 himself His best friend is the mischievous troublemaker Evert between the two of them the fish in the aquarium are destined to live a short life the stuffy boss of the home is determined to discover the culprits but Evert and Hendrik think themselves safe.When one of the residents passes away, the room is taken by Eefje She is a quiet, thoughtful woman and [...]

    8. Tot nu toe mijn mooiste boek van 2015 Je volgt een jaar lang het dagboek van Hendrik Groen, 83, in het bejaardenhuis Droog, erg grappig, vertederend en verdrietig Ik heb veel hardop gelachen om dit verhaal en op het einde veel gehuild Dat doe ik niet vaak bij een boek Ik vond het heerlijk Vreselijk genoten van dit boek.

    9. In the north Amsterdam Care home lives Hendricks.He reminds me of a mischievous child, one you just see as sometimes naughty but cute, cuddles and loveable because they say some awesome things on they re perception of life it makes you laugh.This is Hendricks.He also has a serious side he lays bare in his diary.He s aging.We all are aging everyday of our lives and we give it no thought Friendships are bonded and become so important as we get older.Very enjoyable read.My thanks to Penguin UK via [...]

    10. Another I am leaving unrated After reading 30% I am putting this aside The format is journal style, a format I usually like but frankly though there are a few funny moments, I am bored with this An unpopulated stance going by the ratings but have learned something about myself I seem to like books about elderly women than those about elderly men.

    11. 4 starsWhat a wonderful old curmudgeon Hendrik Groen is in a nursing home he lives in the assisted living section He decided to keep a journal for one year He started his journal on January 1, 2013 when he was 83 years old Seeing the world through his eyes and the perspective of his closest friends The Old But Not Dead Club was a very humorous undertaking From his mortification of his dribbling and leaving yellow stains in his white underpants, to the suggestion that people go to the shit clinic [...]

    12. Ovo je beskona no tu na knjiga, posebno jer imam iskustvo bliskih ljudi koji umiru te ko i dugo, a medicinski radnici ih otpisuju jer su stari i vreme im je.Pored niza duhovitih primedbi, anegdota i zabavnih komentara, ovo je knjiga o svim u asima starenja i dru tvenoj nevidljivosti ljudi u gerontolo kim centrima Uvek mi je zanimljivo kad itam u popularnim asopisima o tabuima u kulturi i uvek nekako izostave da pomenu da smo postali kultura koja se ba u asava starih ljudi i juri da ih skloni to [...]

    13. In our subtropical world of fatuous blabbermouths, you hear at least ten times a morning that everything was better in the old days In this anonymous Dutch novel in diary form, Hendrik Groen provides a full reckoning of how 2013 went down in his Amsterdam old folks care home He and five friends form an Old But Not Dead club and take turns planning exciting weekly outings Much comic relief is provided by his incorrigibly tippling friend, Evert, and the arrival of Eefje even makes late life romanc [...]

    14. I got this ARC as a give away from I waffled between 2 and 3 stars but decided on 3 in the end While at times touching and laugh out loud funny I was also a bit bored There was a lot of talk about Netherland politics that I really didn t care about It took me way too long to read because of that I think But in the end Hendrik s diary won me over I really liked reading about him, all of his friends and their antics I will probably seek out the second book when it is translated see what all the ol [...]

    15. Hendrik Groen resides in a Nursing Home funded by the state in North Amsterdam He decides to start writing a diary He has two people he can rely on One being Evert also a resident of the home and Anja the assistant to the Administrator for the home.This is a funny, heartbreaking day by day revelation of how eccentric residents spend their time and the Old But Not Yet Dead Club they set up where support is given to each other due to their declining health and tragedy.I would like to thank Net Gal [...]

    16. I wish I could meet Hendrik Groen because I know I would absolutely love him This book is one of the most touching, heart wrenching stories that I have read in a while Groen resides in a state funded nursing home in Amsterdam At 83 years old, he decides to start writing in his diary to pass the time and to give the world an uncensored expose a year in the life of the inmates of a care home in North Amsterdam Hendrik Groen proceeds to do just that I cannot count the times I laughed out loud, and [...]

    17. 83 year old Hendrik Groen lives at a care home in Amsterdam Here is his 2013 diary I got a lot from reading this book, the format is rather good Remember when people published personal blogs on the web, rather than these very short snippets we now get from Facebook and Twitter Well, Hendrik s diary entries are very much like the best of blogs You have a lovely mix of personal life, current day cultural trends and landmark historical occasions This book enables you to enter the very often closed [...]

    18. What a touching read Truly this is up there with the best ones I have read It was recommended to me by my dad s primary health professional with the words that it is one of the funniest, most poignant and cutting reads about old age you will come across And it is Age is something we will all be negotiating if we are one of the fortunate ones to navigate a full span of decades in life This guy Hendrik Groen gives a glimpse into that world we all, if we are honest, all sort of mock That world insi [...]

    19. This book was new last week to my online library the blurb that came up immediately said for fans of A Man called Ove That is me, I loved Ove The other super outstanding thing that this book had was a grumpy old DUTCH man You see I married into a super large dutch family I love all my husbands old Aunts and Uncles, I love all the culture, traditions and specific things about Dutchies so I was super excited about this book I listened to the audio I made it about 28% and have put it aside I probab [...]

    20. Oh Hendrik wat ben je toch geweldig Ik heb hardop gelachen om de prachtige anekdotes die je met ons deelt in jouw dagboek Ook wil ik je bedanken voor de ontroerende momenten die ik met jou mocht beleven Ik hoop dat heel veel mensen jou zullen ontmoeten en door jou worden geraakt En wat een geluk dat je nog een nieuw dagboek hebt geschreven, ik kan niet wachten om het te lezen Dit laatste klinkt een beetje onbeleefd, maar tot snel Hendrik

    21. A bit too heavy on the reality for my taste, and although it had its funny moments, I d rather not rush my acquaintance with the desperation of old age, it will come too soon as it is.

    22. 9,5 de 10 Que livro delicioso Segundo diz a orelha do livro, Hendrik Groen um pseud nimo e ningu m sabe quem ele pena seria, certamente, uma pessoa fant stica de se conhecer Hendrik tem 83 anos e vive num lar de idosos Decidiu, em 2013, com o in cio do novo ano, come ar um di rio onde nos conta o seu dia a dia, com um humor muito salutar e uma honestidade rara nesta idade em que algumas faculdades se v o perdendo sob o peso dos anos mas t o dif cil admiti loComent rio completo em abibliotecadajo [...]

    23. Hendrik Groen doesn t like old people Their zimmer frame shuffle, unreasonable impatience, endless complaints, their tea and biscuits, smells or creaking bodies Although he himself is 83 years old and lives in a residential care home in the Netherlands Hendrik is fed up of being a civil, ingratiating, courteous, polite and helpful bloke He tends to choose the path of least confrontation to try to please everybody To stop himself spiralling into depression and boredom in a place where to some res [...]

    24. Wat heb ik genoten van de Oud maar niet dood club Ik vond het een boek dat zowel grappig als ontroerend was Dit verhaal moet ik even laten bezinken Een echte aanrader

    25. Dit is het lievelingsboek van mijn opa en ik begrijp helemaal waarom dit boek is hilarisch Geweldig knap hoe het leven in een saai verzorgingshuis grappig en boeiend wordt dankzij de amusante vertelstem van Hendrik In Pogingen Iets van Het Leven te Maken volgen we een jaar lang begin 2013 tot eind meneer Hendrik Groen, 83 jaar oud, en het leven van hemzelf en de andere oudjes in het verzorgingstehuis Door Hendrik s ogen leren we de routines kennen van het huis, de klachten van al haar bewoners, [...]

    26. Another year, and I still don t like old people Their Zimmer frame shuffle, their unreasonable impatience their endless complaints, their tea and biscuits, their bellyaching.Me I am eighty three years old The No.1 International Bestseller The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1 4 Years Old was published in paperback on 13th July by Penguin Originally published in Holland in 2014, this book has become something of a phenomenon Note Translated to English by Hester Velmans Please do continue readin [...]

    27. The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen is not something I would have picked up myself, but I am glad I got the chance to read it Hendrik is living out his time in a care home, and this books is his daily musings and recording of all that he sees and does in his care home.Hendrik starts out as a bit of a chranky old man, but the further in the reader gets, the we see the real Hendrik He doesn t want to be an old man in the usual sense, he doesn t want to spend his latter years passing the time until [...]

    28. This is a cute story who at 83 yo writes in his diary a little each day He lives in an assistant living facility in the Netherlands Some of his posts are downright laugh out loud He really has a sense of humor I just thought it was ok.

    29. The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen 83 years old is the first book by Dutch old age pensioner and care home resident, Hendrik Groen Hendrik starts his diary on the 1st January, 2013 with the aim of giving the world an uncensored expose a year in the life of the inmates of a care home in North Amsterdam.Hendrik s descriptions of the goings on, the staff and residents at his care home are witty, dry, often sarcastic and usually funny The home s director Mrs Stelwagen is always friendly, ready with a [...]

    30. Het Parool heeft dit boek in een paar woorden goed omschreven Geestig, tragisch en soms aangrijpend Daar sluit ik me bij aan Toen ik als twintiger voor mijn studie aan de Sociale Academie stage liep in een bejaardenhuis, begreep ik er maar weinig van Het stond te ver van me af Toen mijn ouders noodgedwongen naar een bejaardenhuis moesten mijn moeder vanwege dementie en mijn vader nadat hij een beroerte had gehad was ik bijna veertig en net naar Ierland verhuisd Het kwam toen een stuk dichterbij [...]

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